2x HotStart PCR Master Mix

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250 reactions
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1. Hot start PCR amplification of all various templates or tasks

2. Designed for amplification of difficult templates, such as GC-rich fragments and microsatellites

3. Primer extension of SNP markers

4. Amplification of genomic DNA targets up to 10 kb with high fidelity, specificity, and sensitivity

5. High through-put Hot Start PCR with high specificity, sensitivity, and yield

6. Routine diagnostic Hot Start PCR requiring high reproducibility


Special formulation for eliminating primer dimer formation and non-specific amplification optimized for built in hot start PCR amplification with high fidelity, specificity, and sensitivity tested for detection of various DNA sequences from human, animals, plants, bacteria, or viruses.



Selected Citation:

Ezh2 does not mediate retinal ganglion cell homeostasis or their susceptibility to injury. PLoS One 13, e0191853 (2018)

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2x HotStart PCR Master Mix
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