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Adrenergic Receptor Alpha-1A (ADRA1A) Inducible Stable Cell Line

ADRA1A inducible stable cell lines, CHO/HEK293
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Detailed Description

Adrenergic Receptor Alpha-1A (ADRA1A)


Adenergic receptor alpha-1A (ADRA1A) inducible stable cell line


This stable cell line expresses a recombinant human ADRA1A. This tetracycline inducible cell line carries a double twin-strep-tag at the N-terminus and 10xhis tag at C-terminus. There is two TEV cleavage sites inserted between the tags and the receptor for tags' removal (2xTwin-tag--TEV--ADRA1A--TEV--10xHis).


High level receptor expression (over 1 million receptors per cell);

Tetracycline inducible and well suited for 13C, 15N labeling;

Removable tags allowing purification by streptactin and/or nickel/cobalt column.


2x 106 cells

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Synonyms: Adrenoceptor Alpha 1A, Alpha-1A Adrenergic Receptor, Alpha-1A Adrenoreceptor, Alpha-1A Adrenoceptor, ADRA1L1, ADRA1C

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