Infectious Disease Antibodies

Generation of the highly effective antibodies against the natural viral proteins is essential for research and development of vaccines and immune therapeutics as well as for in vitro diagnostics.

In conventional antibody production, the antibodies are raised against purified viral proteins, thus have limitations on the specificity, for the purified viral proteins may not be identical to the natural antigenic viral proteins due to the lack of correct folding and post translational modification such as glycosylation. 

eEnzyme uses an improved genetic immunization technique to raise the high titers of rabbit polyclonal antibodies against the natural antigenic viral proteins
This technology is based on delivering an expression plasmid encoding the protein of interest into an animal. The animal’s cells are directly transfected with the plasmid where they use it to produce the protein. The low level consistent expression of the immunogenic viral protein in vivo guarantees the reproducible productions of specific high-affinity antibodies, and these antibodies are superior in recognizing the native viral proteins.

Polyclonal Antibodies

Rabbit IgGs for Influenza A/B

Rabbit IgGs for HIV/SIV

Rabbit IgGs for Hepatitis Virus

Rabbit IgGs for Ebola Virus

Rabbit IgGs for HSV

Rabbit IgGs for West Nile Virus

Rabbit IgGs for SARS-CoV

Antibodies for Protein Tags or Epitope Tags

Other Antibodies






Monoclonal Antibodies

MAbs for Influenza A

MAbs for Influenza B

MAbs for HIV/SIV

MAbs for Hepatitis Virus

MAbs for Herpes Simplex Virus

MAbs for Epstein Barr Virus

MAbs for Foot-and-Mouth Disease Virus

MAbs for Cytomeglovirus

MAbs for Newcastle Disease Virus

MAbs Ebola Virus

MAbs for Food-Borne Pathogens

MAbs for Rabies Virus

MAbs for Microbial and Plant Toxins

Other mAbs

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Anti-Gag (HIV-1/Clade B)
Anti-HA1 (A/chicken/MD/MINHMA/2004) (H7N2)
Anti-HA1 (A/Chicken/NY/29878/91) (H2N2)
Anti-E1 (HCV)
Anti-HA1 (Influenza A/Vietnam/1203/2004) (H5N1)
Anti-gp120 (HIV-1/Clade B)
Anti-HBeAg (HBV)
Anti-VP1 (HAV) Polyclonal Antibody
Anti-VP3 (HAV) Polyclonal Antibody
Anti-VP4 (HAV) Polyclonal Antibody
Anti-Nef (HIV-1/Clade A) Antibody
Anti-p24 (HIV-1/Clade A) Polyclonal Antibody
Anti-p24 (HIV-1/Clade B) Polyclonal Antibody
Anti-Pol (SIV/mac239) Polyclonal Antibody
Anti-NP (Influenza B) Polyclonal Antibody
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