Membrane Receptor Stable Cell Lines

Membrane receptors play key roles in cellular processes including transport of molecules, signal transduction, utilization of energy, and maintenance of cell and tissue structures. It has been determined by genome sequencing that around 30% of genes encode membrane receptors. Furthermore, they are pharmacologically significant as half of the current drugs target the membrane receptors. 

We have HEK293 or CHO-K1 stable cell lines for many human membrane receptors: 

Click for the white paper, "Membrane Proteins: Critical Issues in Therapeutic Development"

Selected Citation:
Hammad,et al. MC4R Variant rs17782313 Associates With Increased Levels of DNAJC27, Ghrelin, and Visfatin and Correlates With Obesity and Hypertension in a Kuwaiti Cohort. Front. Endocrinol., 07 July 2020

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