BoxRack for 0.2 ml PCR Samples

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Stroage box for 0.2 ml PCR tubes or plates, 8 BoxRacks/case
Price: $96.00
Detailed Description

The EU BoxRack constists of a Station Box, Station support insert and a Tube support grid (B69301). The Station support insert (96 positions, 8 x 12) easily slips in and out of the BoxRack.

The Tube support grid can be "clicked" onto the Station support insert. Once placed the Tube support grid holds plates, strips or individual tubes.

The Tube support grids are available in a wide range of colors, the grid are alphanumeric marked and have knobs to fix EU tube strips and plates.

Once the tube strips or plates are positioned, and after pipetting the required reagents, the Tube support grid is used as a carrier which can be placed completely in the thermal cycler, during per- and post the cycling process. After cycling the grid with vessels is removed from the cycler adn re-placed in the Station support insert for post PCR work.


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