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cAMP 384-Well ELISA Kit (Fluorescence)

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It eliminates the tedious acetylation step.
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Elite™ cAMP 384-Well ELISA Kit (Fluorescence)


Elite™ cAMP 384-Well ELISA Kit provides a sensitive method for detecting adenylate cyclase activity in biochemical or cell-based assay system. Compared to other cAMP ELISA kits, our kit eliminates the tedious acetylation step. The kit uses Elite™ Red as a fluorimetric substrate to quantify the HRP activity. The high sensitivity (for as low as 0.1 nM) makes it superior to any other known colorimetric-based or fluorescence-based kits in the market.


The assay can be conveniently performed in a 384-well microtiter-plate format and can be easily adapted to automation. The fluorescent product formed is proportional to the activity of the HRP-cAMP conjugate.


0.1 pmol/ml to 10 pmol/ml; EC50 = 1.6 pmol/ml


1 plate (384-well)


Fluorescence microplate reader

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