Extreme Uniform PCR Tubes, Strips and Plates


BIOplasticsPCR tubes guarantee a highly reproducible thermal transfer, because of the very uniform walls. However, in general one should consider the loss of volume through evaporation, influencing the concentration of your PCR components, and thus your reaction. Readthe “Evaporation Story”to learn about this subtle balance, and then make your choice for one of our PCR tubes.

Virgin polypropylene

Low and high profile versions

Sealing bands, clever design

Work with only 5µl volume

Extremely low evaporation grades

Uniform wall thickness and thin-wall caps 

No detectable DNA, RNA, DNase, RNase and pyrogens

The Extreme Uniformity range of PCR plastics offers many unique features that distinguish it from any other comparable product in this market segment. It is truly the Gold Standard for PCR disposables.

BIOplastics takes pride in designing, developing and manufacturing EU products at the highest level. Since we are not just plastics disposables manufacturers, but also molecular biologists ourselves, we are aware of the demands for the applications in which our products are used. It is our driving force to make the most innovative and highest possible quality products, and solving our customers' PCR problems.

Uniform wall thickness is a necessity to ensure accurate temperature transfer across the tube-wall barrier, thus providing an even and very precise cycling reaction within the sample. In contrast with non-uniform tubes, strips or plates, the evaporation grade in EU products has been decreased dramatically. One of the main factors of influence on the evaporation, besides the cap-closure, is the non-uniformity of the thin-wall, since PP is not fully gas-tight. High evaporation effects the concentrations of the salts in the sample. This can influence the reaction events, even preventing it from being successful.

BIOplastics guarantees its thin-wall products to have an average wall thickness of 0.25 mm within narrow boundaries, within individual tubes, as well as between different tubes, tube-strips or plates. Another factor that influences evaporation grades is the surface area to which the gas-phase is exposed. Although most thermal cyclers nowadays, are equipped with heated lids, that prevent the main evaporation and condensation processes in the upper parts of a tube from happening, there is still a certain volume of the water in the gaseous phase. Low profile products exhibit a much better ratio between gaseous and liquid phase, thus bringing the chances of wall-leakage through the gaseous phase down. Some thermal cyclers do not have height adjustable heated lids, so an adaptor is needed in combination with low-profile products in these instruments.

Clever design and sealing bands around the cap closing areas provide a leak-free closure, especially in comparison with the closure of competitive tubes. In general, evaporation grades of EU products are below 4%, some even below 2%. There are no competitor products that can match this level of low evaporation and some of them show evaporation grades of up to 20% of the original volume. With BIOplastics EU products you simply work with volumes as low as 5 µl.

Tube-block contact angle and design issues

Measurements of the dimensions of different brands of cycler blocks show substantial differences in the internal contact angles of the wells. This means that a PCR tube, strip or plate, when placed in a block, will have a different fit. The development of PCR tubes during the last decade was no more than a miniaturisation of existing larger volume tubes (1.5 ml), and never took into account the internal shape of the thermal block holes. Furthermore, this internal shape is heavily influenced by differences in manufacturing techniques and the application of block coatings. BIOplastics has slightly modified the regular angle of PCR tubes to improve the surface contact in the blocks of all main brands of thermal cyclers. It goes without saying that a good block-tube contact is of vital importance for a good thermal cycling reaction. While for the lower part of PCR tubes, strips and plates it is important to have a thin-wall (uniform) wall, this is not relevant for the upper part of the tube, where there is either no sample volume, or it extends above the cycler block and makes no thermal contact at all. That is why we have chosen to make this part of the tube, strips and plates thick-walled, to decrease the amount of evaporation substantially.

Use of EU products in Real-Time PCR

Every EU product, from single tube to plate, is tested for use in Real-Time PCR applications. EU single tubes have optical, flat area caps, which enable fluorescent signals to pass through to the optical detection unit of the thermal cycler. For the closure of EU strips and plates, special, glass-grade, optical cap-strips were designed to exhibit superior detection. In contrast with seals for optical purposes, these cap-strips do not have the disadvantage of adhesives that can interfere with the signals. All EU products are available in white or black versions. Test show significant decreases in background when using these

non-transparent versions, compared to natural transparent ones.

ExtemeUniform Single Tubes:

EU  0.2 ml thin-wall single tube (high profile) with optical, flat cap

This high profile EU tube features a thin-wall, flat, optical cap. The glass-grade, optical area is very well suited for Real-Time PCR, but it may also be used for writing identifications on. This EU tube is also suited for centrifugation purposes. Evaporation grades of this EU tube are around 3%. Can be used in all 0.2 ml block regular and real-time thermal cyclers.



Package Size

B79000EU Single 0.2 ml Thin-wall tube, any colorBag, 1000$31.49


EU Single 0.2 ml Thin-wall tube, natural

Bag, 1000



EU Single 0.2 ml Thin-wall tube, red

Bag, 1000



EU Single 0.2 ml Thin-wall tube, blue

Bag, 1000



EU Single 0.2 ml Thin-wall tube, green

Bag, 1000



EU Single 0.2 ml Thin-wall tube, yellow

Bag, 1000



EU Single 0.2 ml Thin-wall tube, orange

Bag, 1000



EU Single 0.2 ml Thin-wall tube, violet

Bag, 1000



EU Single 0.2 ml Thin-wall tube, amber

Bag, 1000



EU Single 0.2 ml Thin-wall tube, natural, sterile

Bag, 1000



EU 0.2 ml thin-wall single tube (high profile) with domed cap

This high profile EU tube features a dome cap with a flat shaped optical area on top. It is very convenient to open and close time and time again. The special anti-contamination tab prevents fingertips from touching the outskirts of the cap closing area, thus preventing DNA carry-over. Evaporation grades of this EU tube are in between 2 and 3%. The cap has a small, frosted writing area. Can be used in most 0.2 ml block regular and real-time thermal cyclers.


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