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GPCR Inducible Stable Cell Lines

All our cell line references are tetracycline inducible. This offers many advantages over classical CMV promoter based cell lines, including lower toxicity induced by the receptor expression during the cell growth phase, a more stable expression over the time, and a higher level of expression for most of our products (over million receptors per cell). Inducible cell lines are also well suited for 13C 15N labelling on a short period of time with a limited background labeling.

Our receptor constructs carry a double twin-strep-tag at the N-terminus and a 10xhistidine-tag at the C-terminus, thus permitting affinity purification on strep-tactin and/or nickel/cobalt column and also immobilization of the receptors on beads or coated surface. Two TEV cleavage sites are inserted between the tags and the receptor for tags' removal.