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λ DNA Marker, Eco RI/Hind III Digest

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Eco RI/Hind III-λ DNA marker consists of 13 fragments ranging in size from 564 to 21226 bp. It yields the following 13 discrete fragments (in bp):

564, 831, 947, 1375, 1584, 1904, 2027, 3530, 4268, 4973, 5148, 21226.

Their asymmetric distribution makes determination of molecular weight easier.
Two fragments (3530 bp and 21226 bp) containing the COS sites hybridize to each other resulting in additional band of 24756 bp at the top. This can be avoided by heating the marker to 80°C for 15 minutes and cooling it on ice.


To demonstrate the mobility of the DNA fragments, 1 µg of marker was loaded onto a 1% agarose gel.

Room temperature

100 µg in 1 ml (100 rxns) loading buffer (0.25% bromphenol blue, 0.25% xylene cyanol FF, 40% Sucrose in water). Load 10 µl in one lane.