EU One-piece, Sub-skirted Thin-wall 96 x 0.2 ml Plate (Low Profile), qPCR quality

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Cat# AB19800 (designed for real-time PCR thermal cycler ABI 9800 system)
Price: $109.00
Detailed Description

These EU 96 well low profile plates are sub-skirted. The plate has frosted tubes and can so be used in real time applications without using other colored plates typically used for signal enhancement in Real Time PCR procedures. The plate is designed to fit 9800 system sample blocks and can also be used in many 0.2 ml block regular and Real-Time thermal cyclers. The working volume for this plate is typically between 5 and 25 µl reaction mixtures.


Closure can be accomplished with EU optical, fully flat cap thin-wall 8 cap strips (F79701), flat cap thin-wall 8-cap strips (B79701B), with the EU optical, semi-dome 8-cap strips (C79701), or with Aluminum Foils or Thermal seals.


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